Daikin Air Purifier

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Reduce the nasty bacteria, mould, spores, airborne particles, bad odours, allergens, dust and pollen.

Three models to choose from: 

Dimension (mm)  450x270x270   500x270x270   500x270x270 
Airflow Rate (m3/h) 60-180 66-240 66-330
Airflow Rate (L/s) 17-50 18-67 18-92

Weight (kg)

6.8 6.8 5.8

Sound Pressure Level (dBA)

19-37 19-49 19-53
Replaceable Filter (Dust Collection Filter) BAFP500A KAFP080B4E KAFP080B4E



    • Reduce Dust with High Efficiency Particulate Filter (Dust Collection Filter)
    • Eliminate Odour with Deodorising Filter + Daikin Streamer Technology
    • Eliminate Formaldehyde & Bacteria with Daikin Streamer Technology
    • Prefilter
    • LED Brightness (Bright/Dim/Off)
    • Auto-Restart After Power Failure
    • Fan Speed Setting & Indicator (Quiet/Low/Standard/Turbo)*
    • Child Proof Lock
    (*MC30YPVM features Turbo, Standard & Quiet Fan Speed only. )


      Colour White
      Power Supply 1 Phase, 220-240V, 50Hz

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