How to choose delivery charges?

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There are some instruction for you to understand how to choose the delivery charges into the cart.

We can deliver the products which you want to order from North Island to the South Island of New Zealand.

After open the account with us, depend on where is your regular business in New Zealand, we provide personalized advise to provide you with all the information which you need to place the order online. Feel free if you have any question, we are always with you.

Please continue to read until end of this article to understand how our delivery system works.

Delivery charges will only show the choices which applicable to you, based on what did you enter into the system as the desitination/delivery address.

We also use the Colour Boundary to assist you to choose the correct delivery charges option. Colour name will show in the delivery option when you place the order. There are some popular/common delivery destination area we listed for you as a guide below:

Zone Colour  Maximum Weight Delivery Desitnation




Red 5kg National
North Brown 25kg

From Albany to Drury

(Lines show in pink indicate Auckland brown zone)

North Blue 25kg From Orewa to Pukeno
North Lime 25kg Whangarei, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua
North Orange 15kg Wellington, Taupo, Hawke's Bay, Gisborne, Taranaki, Manawatu-Whanganui, North of Whangarei
South Yellow 15kg South Island

Please use the calculation to guide your Weight:

Weight (kg) = Length * Width * Height * 200

If the result from the calculation over the maximum weight, please choose "Not Sure" as your delivery option, we will calculate the charges for you manually. Some more information in the article below.

We endevour to make your life easy, please choose "Not sure" as your delivery option, if one of the below situation apply to you:

  • Bulk order

    • Packaging size can be vary each time

    • Products not in regular shape

  • Colour Boundary not clear

  • Don't know what option to choose

We will add the delivery charge for you manually after we receive your order. No matter the size of the delivery product, we always have a solution to pack and send to you.

Once we fullfilled your delivery charges or any special requests. If we find the option which you chose is not correct, we will contact you as soon as we can to explain and change to the corrct delivery option for you.

There will be an email with the updated invoice send to your email address every time after we amend any information of your order. In your online order page, it will show all the changes of the order, please refer to the email for the final invoiced amount and you can pay from the link in the email or as directed.

All the information above are in general, we assess the delivery charges order by order. Which means, even if you choose the option accidentally wrongly, we will contact you soon after we receive the order. If all the information perfect, you will receive your order soon.


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